John Walsh for Pittsford

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John is a passionate hiker, bicyclist, and gardener. When he can't be outdoors, he also enjoys building furniture or brewing kombucha. John met his wife, Dayton, while attending the University of Rochester. They chose to start their family in Pittsford, where Dayton was raised and where they now raise their two young children. Living on a former dairy farm, they are working to preserve and restore their piece of Pittsford's agricultural history, doing so in a way that builds a more resilient and sustainable future for thier children.

About John


John is an engineer and operations manager for a locally-owned small business specializing in the repair of medical equipment. He is responsible for the day to day operations of a team servicing healthcare facilities across upstate New York. Using a data-driven approach, combined with a focus on creating a more democratic workplace, John helps his team deliver a high level of service while working within the constraints of a small business.